How to calculate percentage

What is Percentage?

Percentage is defined as a given part or amount in every hundred. It is a fraction with 100 as the denominator and is represented by the symbol "%".

It is an whole number out of hundred. One can write a percentage of a certain whole number as 25% or 30% or 34% or 56%.

Formula to Calculate Percentage

The percentage formula is used to find the share of a whole in terms of 100. Using this formula, you can represent a number as a fraction of 100. If you observe carefully, all the three ways to get percentage shown above can be easily calculated by using the formula given below:

Percentage= (Value/Total Value)×100

How to calculate percentage

Calculating percentage, we say that out of 20 balls, the number of red balls are 8.

Hence, out of 100, the number of red balls will be 8/20 × 100= 40%.

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