What is real debrid device or app?

Introduction on real debrid device

Real Debrid is a subscription-based multi-hoster service that allows users to access premium links for video streaming, which are not normally available on free streaming sites. It supports several popular file hosts such as Rapidgator, Uploaded, and Nitroflare, and provides faster and more reliable streaming experience compared to free streaming sources.

Real Debrid is not a physical device but a web service that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. To use Real Debrid, users must first create an account and subscribe to one of the available plans. Once subscribed, they can use the Real Debrid service by either adding their credentials to a compatible app or using Real Debrid's own web interface to generate links that can be used in their preferred media player.

is real debrid safe to use?

Real Debrid is generally considered safe to use as a streaming service, but there are certain risks associated with using any third-party service on the internet.

One potential risk is that Real Debrid links may lead to copyrighted content, which could result in legal action from copyright holders. Additionally, because Real Debrid works by connecting to third-party hosting services, there is always the possibility of encountering malicious or harmful links.

However, Real Debrid itself takes steps to protect its users' security and privacy by using SSL encryption and not sharing user data with third parties. Users can also take steps to protect themselves by using reputable antivirus software and being cautious about clicking on links from untrusted sources.

Overall, Real Debrid can be a convenient and effective way to access premium links for video streaming, but users should be aware of the potential risks and take appropriate precautions.

Is real debrid worth it ?

Whether or not Real Debrid is worth it depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Real Debrid can be a valuable service for people who frequently stream videos and want access to a wider range of high-quality content. It can provide faster streaming speeds, better video quality, and access to more sources compared to free streaming sites.

Additionally, Real Debrid can be especially useful for people who live in areas with slow internet speeds or who have limited data plans, as it can reduce buffering times and overall data usage.

However, if you don't watch a lot of videos or don't mind using free streaming sites, Real Debrid may not be worth the cost. It is also important to note that Real Debrid does not provide access to any exclusive content, but rather provides premium links to existing content.

Ultimately, whether or not Real Debrid is worth it for you depends on your personal streaming habits and priorities.

how much does real debrid cost?

Real Debrid offers several subscription plans with different pricing options. As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the prices are as follows:

  • 15 days: 3 EUR
  • 30 days: 4 EUR
  • 90 days: 9 EUR
  • 180 days: 16 EUR
  • 365 days: 25 EUR

The prices may vary depending on your country and currency exchange rates. It is also worth noting that Real Debrid occasionally offers promotional discounts and deals, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these if you are interested in subscribing.

How to use real debrid with kodi

To use Real Debrid with Kodi, you will need to install the Real Debrid Kodi addon and link it to your Real Debrid account. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device and navigate to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Select "System" and then "Add-ons."
  3. Turn on "Unknown Sources" if it is not already enabled.
  4. Go back to the Add-ons menu and select "Install from repository."
  5. Select "Services" and then scroll down to find the "Real Debrid" addon.
  6. Click on the addon and select "Install" to download and install it.
  7. After the addon is installed, go back to the Kodi home screen and select "Add-ons."
  8. Open the Real Debrid addon and select "Authorize Real Debrid."
  9. A code will be displayed on the screen. Note down this code.
  10. Open a web browser on your device and go to https://real-debrid.com/device.
  11. Enter the code you noted down earlier and click "Continue."
  12. Log in to your Real Debrid account if prompted.
  13. After you authorize the device, return to Kodi and access the Real Debrid addon. Your account should now be linked, and you can access premium links for streaming.

How does real debrid torrent work

Real Debrid allows users to download torrent files through its service by using its own servers to retrieve the files. This means that the user's IP address is not visible to the torrent tracker, which can help to protect the user's privacy.

To use Real Debrid for torrent downloads, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Real Debrid account and navigate to the torrent download section.
  2. Select the torrent file you want to download and upload it to the Real Debrid server.
  3. Real Debrid will then retrieve the file and store it on its servers.
  4. Once the file has been retrieved, you can download it using the Real Debrid link provided
  5. Real Debrid will download the file to its server and then transfer it to your device.

It is important to note that using Real Debrid for torrent downloads does not make downloading copyrighted content legal, and users should always ensure they have permission to download and share any files they access. Additionally, torrent downloads can consume a lot of data, so users should be aware of their data limits and take appropriate precautions.

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