Squeezy Dough Mixing Bag

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Planning to make a cake for your loved ones?
Imagine kneading dough without mess up your hands and the kitchen!
Minimize the mess you make and knead faster by using this Squeezy Dough Mixing Bag.
This is a must-have accessory in your kitchen!! Whenever we make bread, bun, or pizza, the flour will make our hands dirty and splash everywhere, and sometimes flour will stick to our nails. 
This is a reusable kneading tool that prevents the flour from splashing everywhere and allows you to knead faster.
  • Mess-free: keep your cooking counter clean from the mess and eliminate having sticky hands from kneading the dough
  • No other tools needed: just add all the ingredients inside the bag, no need to mix with a fork or wire whisk
  • Save time in cleaning: no more after-work cleanup since mixing and preparing of the ingredients are all made inside the bag

  • Safe and eco-friendly: no BPA, BPF, PVC, and BPS is included, while it is FDA approved, tasteless, odorless, latex-free, and safe to put in the microwave, oven, and the fridge
  • High quality and durable: Built to last in every kitchen battle, no matter how many batches of dough you are making
  • With its non-stick and round bottom design, it is absolutely easy to use and even easier to clean.#

  • Perfect for making dough, pastry, cake, muffin, cookie, juicing, baking, etc. It can also be used for pressing fruit and vegetable in making a purée
  • Simple and lightweight, you can bring anywhere and doesn't take too much space