Auto-Spinning Car Wash Brush

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Rotating & Retractable Long Handle Water Flow Car Cleaning Brush will enable you to wash your car in half the time with the least effort.
You don't need electricity, just connect to a water source and it will start spinning. It will clean your car gently yet efficiently.

"My dad is 70, with a lot of skeletal issues. No bending, he could use it easily. He especially likes the button that turns the water on and off because he does not have to go back to the 2nd floor to turn off the faucet. What a handy tool!"

 Laurence C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

New Technology:

• Automatically Rotate: No need for electricity, it rotates by water power.
• Spray Foam: Put the detergent into the box and foam will come out automatically.
• High-pressure Washing: Remove the brush head and it will increase hydraulic pressure.
• Purpose of Usage: Wash the car, Clean Conservatories, and the floor, window cleaner, wash blanket, garden water sprinkler.
• High-quality good design self-service car wash, easy to carry, safe, and environmental protection.
• Micro Car Washing Machine, spray foam with putting the detergent into the box when you wash your vehicle.
• Three hydraulic levels are available. You can control this as you need so that you won't get soaked. Easy and safe to clean your car or other smooth places.
• Rotary Mop-style Design, soft and plump blue chenille brush head can clean thoroughly, particularly great water-absorbing capacity, protecting the paint.
• Automatic Rotation Water Outlet, no need electricity, save time and energy, water flows into the pipe, the high-pressure driving force of water to push the gear and make it work automatically.
Package Included:
1 x Car Washing Brush Tool Set (Water hose is not included)