AutoMagniNet - Anti-insect Auto Closing Door Net

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Smart Auto-closing Magnetic Anti Flies/Mosquitos Net

Now you can enjoy outdoor freedom and eliminate annoying flies and mosquitos from getting indoors. With AutoMangniNet, easily protect yourself from bites and enjoy time, day or night without having to spray endless chemicals into the atmosphere. Do it the natural way and eliminate access for Mosquitos, flies and other insects through self-closing door magnetic net.


  • Hassle-free and Natural Way to Block Access to Flies and Mosquitos from getting into any desired room
  • Non-intrusive Simple Installation with Peel and Stick. Even Grandmas & Grandpas can install it
  • Never worry about Flies or Mosquitos and other insects escapting through openings with this unique mangetic auto-closing
  • Fits different doors and sizes
  • Easy Maintenance & Washable

educe noise.