Garden Coneflower Bird Feeder

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Product Description

Coneflower Standing Bird Feeder brings tropical wonder to your garden year-round with durable metal flowers that provide an all-weather source of food for birds and beauty for you. convenient assembly installation and stake base. Garden Bird Feeders can be easily placed in your backyard, front yard, or garden.

Petals Shape Sensation Bird Feeder design convenient foot stakes are included with our bird feeders for easy placement and installation in your garden. Easy to refill, simply pour your birdseed of choice into the top of the coneflower bird feeder. This beautiful and decorative yard ornament combines form and function as an Attractive Bird Feeder.

Position Feeders Properly:

To keep hummingbirds safe from window collisions or from getting their delicate bills stuck in window screens, feeders should be positioned either very close to the window (great for visibility) or at least five feet away.

Coneflower Bird Feeder is made to represent the real flower, and it’s surprisingly detailed. It leaves a long-lasting impression on birds and anyone who spends time in your yard. Garden Art Birdfeeder only takes a few minutes to assemble directly into the garden. Each of the bird feeders is compatible with all different types of bird seeds.

Clean Feeders Regularly

It is important to thoroughly clean hummingbird feeders at least two or three times per week. Even more frequent cleanings may be necessary in hot weather when the nectar can ferment quickly. Fermented nectar can cause mold that is fatal to hummingbirds, and sour food will not attract as many birds.

Provide Migration Meals

Hummingbirds feed excessively just prior to migration in order to build up energy reserves for their long flights. 


  • Durable, all-weather steel construction.
  • Assembles in minutes.
  • Works with a variety of seed types.
  • It will add an elegant touch to your backyard space.


  • Material: Wire
  • Colour: Red, blue
  • Product size: Length * width 78cm * 18cm bowl width 10cm.
  • Product packaging weight: about 260g
  • Packing size: 13 * 14 * 15cm

Package Content
Bird feeder * 1