Garden Grass & Weed Trimmer Head

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 Steel Wire Grass & Weed Trimmer Head

Pulling out weeds by hand is the biggest cause of knee and back pain for gardeners. Garden Surface Grass&Weed Trimmer allows you to remove weeds without any need to kneel down and risk hurting yourself!

Very Easy to Use and Practical

Replace your trimmer head with the Garden Surface Grass&Weed Trimmer that flawlessly cuts through all messy weeds, branches, moss, and grass with ease! 
Cut more effectively in less time while saving gas or electricity. Designed with 360° steel wires for full coverage cutting with no dead spots. 
Garden Surface Grass&Weed Trimmer is made of high-quality steel, which enables it to perform sharply and high efficiently, at the same time having stable performance.
Stainless Steel brushes are heavy-duty enough to withstand contact with hard surfaces like pavements and concretes.
*Garden Surface Grass&Weed Trimmer works well in normal grass trimming too.

TIME SAVER: Can use in both lawn mowing and grass trimming on pavements without CHANGING the cutter.

ENERGY SAVER: Save more than 50% of the time in trimming grasses on the pavement with high efficient heavy-duty Stainless Steel trimmer. 

MONEY SAVER: Proven to last longer than any lawn mower’s blade & cutter, high durability will cut down the cost of buying a new one.

Safety: Prevent getting injured due to shattering of the mower’s blade or even fatal death. 

Universal Use: Fits for the most mowers in the market.