Indoor Fitness Resistance Bands

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These resistance bands give you the chance to practice a lot of exercises to fulfill your body goals. The band is made of high-quality latex that provides high elasticity but at the same time proves great resistance to stretching. Thus, you will be able to perform a wide variety of high-stretch exercises, forcing your muscles grow and become fitter and stronger.

Resistance Bands Latex Pedal Exerciser

The handles are padded with cushioning foam that comes to provide a comfortable grip and prevent blisters on your hands. The device allows you to take both an over-the-handle grip and an under-the-handle grip, which extends the number of exercises that you can do with this band.

This Latex Pedal Exerciser has two pedals for your feet that immobilize them greatly while practicing, The surface is anti-skid to ensure that no slip is ever possible during your sessions.

The device is portable and lightweight which allows you work out in many places, including: home, office, park and gym.

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