Motorcycle Kickstand Foot Support Pad

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This handy Kickstand support from Booster reduces the kickstand ground load when your bike is parked on a softer surface. 

Even when you park your bike on harder natural surfaces for overnight camping, this support could come in very handy. The ground may be hard while you put your bike away. However, after a good rain shower during the night, this may change quickly, particularly on grassy surfaces. You don’t want to find your bike on its side the next morning, with an empty tank because all the fuel has spilled on the ground…

★ Stylish design and anodized surface finish look stunning and attractive, absolutely enhance the looks of your bike. Side Stand Extension Suitable for most motorcycles.
Durable and high quality. CNC Aluminum makes the Protector very Durable. Laser Alloying Surface Finish makes it hard to be faded. Its stylish design, perfect, nice appearance.
★ The kickstand side stands enlarger is placed between the ground and the kickstand, Blocking the kickstand and the ground in direct contact with the wear and tear.

★ The kickstand side stands enlarger can equally disperse the weight of the bike and increase the contact area of the kickstand and the ground, increase friction so that the motorbike parked more stable.
★ Enlarger increasing the area of the side stand foot to help prevent tip-overs. Prevent from falling and sinking while you halt on mud or grass. Easy to install.